Alam Sutera is the right choice for you and your family to do various activities.

Alam Sutera created a high-quality infrastructure that worked in harmony with nature, respecting the characteristics of the landscape and maintaining a healthy environment while cultivating a sense of community and creating comprehensive facilities designed to meet the needs of a modern urban lifestyle. Educational institutions, hospitals, a modern market, medium to upscale shopping malls, sports facilities, places of worship, gas stations, and a warehouse complex are among the amenities created for residents.


Eat, play, shop. Alam sutera has redefined culinary indulgence, family entertainment, and retail experience with the existence of The Flavor Bliss, Mall @ Alam Sutera, Pasar 8, Spartan Futsal Field, and many more. Enjoy the best of times in green atmosphere, the growing residential and business district in the region.


A healthy environment and good education are equally important for the upbringing of our next generation. Santa Laurensia school provides both primary and secondary experiental education with an international curriculum taught in a holistic approach. On the other hand, Bina Nusantara University at Alam Sutera main campus provides higher levels of education with the vision of being world-class educational institution by bringin a state-of-the-art and knowledge center, modern class room, hi-tech laboratories,

Worship Places

Both of Santa Laurensius Catholic Church and Nur Asmaul Husna Mosque in Alam Sutera serve and help worshippers to maintain a harmonious balance between spiritual and individual development. These places of worship will help grow your spiritual awakening and nourish your inner peace that eventually allow you to find true happiness and joy in life

Sports Center

Alam Sutera is equipped with a Sports Center for residents who love sports or just spend spare time with the whole family. Alam Sutera Sports Center can also be used for events such as weddings, birthday parties, park parties and so on because it has attractive interior design of the room and the beautiful garden.


Suteraloop is an internal shuttle at Alam Sutera that provides four choices of destinations that connect all areas in the region of Alam Sutera from the residential sector to commercial sector


Alam Sutera is equipped with its very own Command Centre. It is a sophisticated security centre with a dedicated 24-hour response and safety team that provides routine monitoring and security system. Alam Sutera is also the pioneer of residential clustering system.
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